What They’re Saying About Us

“I had mice removal today from Empire Pest Control. I've had issues and tried to solve myself as I tried to not spend. I found Empire Pest Control and contacted them. Mr.William arrived at my apartment the same day. He managed everything good and applied his solutions at my place. Empire Pest Control was really helpful and Mr.William did a great job as I've not seen a single mouse since then! Thanks Empire Pest Control”

Nikki Rideout Brampton

“Having discovered the horror of bed bugs in my apartment, I called Empire Pest. William came out the next day and was really wonderful to deal with. He educated us on the situation which helped me feel better about the whole situation. I'm happy to say he solved the problem. Thank you Empire Pest Control!”

Mike G.Toronto

“I phoned at 5:00 pm, to ask about having a wasp nest removed from the soffit of my house. A very friendly man by the name of Ash was here by 6:30, and by 7:00pm, the nest had been dealt with. There were so many wasps, it looked like something out of a cartoon. I feel like their price is incredibly reasonable. The handle themselves with friendly professionalism. Thank you.”

Alex Baker Oakville

“I was very Happy with Pest Services. They came promptly and Worked very thoroughly. They were kind, Honest and seemed very Knowledgeable. Reasonable prices and friendly professionalism. They done a good job. Check Out Empire Pest Control, Call Today! 647 745 4508 . Thank you so much for your Services Empire Pest!”

Aron Ontario

“Within half and hour of discovering a huge wasp nest Carlo showed up and removed it for me. Incredibly punctual, courteous and very pleasant to deal with...and his price was very reasonable - a great experience! Thank you Empire Pest.”


“I have these people coming to my apartment, and since then everything is clear.They've done a good job and I really appreciate their help. Thanks Empire Pest Control”

Beenish ZahoorToronto

“Empire Pest Control were Referred to us through Friends and it was a Great Experience. Had issues with Carpenter Ants, Grubs and Carpenter Bees in both Front and Back. Thanks.”


“They came in here twice, I haven’t had a problem since then. There was more bed bugs here But Not Any More! Check Out Empire Pest Control, Call Today! 647 745 4508”

Erin Lum Ontario

REFERENCES: (We have their consent. Leave them your number and they will call you or email you back etc).


1. John T. Douglas: John is a pharmacist who owns and rents many properties in Ontario. We have done many properties for his pest control needs for over 15 years. He can reached at. johnldouglas2018@gmail.com


2. Chris Anderson: Chris and his family run one of Canadas lagest private real estate and renovations companies. They buy and sell a variety of commercial and real estate businesses in Ontario. We have provided pest control services for him for over 20 years. He can reached at: chris05031984@outlook.com


(if you need more please ask we will provide as many refernces that you can contact as you need)